Capt’n Tor & The Naer Do Well Cads Pirate Invasion


Capt’n Tor & The Naer Do Well Cads Pirate Invasion be Re enactors and entertainers and one of the few fully immersive Pirate-dedicated organizations.

Recording Artists, Thespians, and Troubadours – we bring the party to the party!

Experiential performance style, that engages the audience directly within the show – whether it be all-ages festival shows, or bawdy adult pub-style shenanigans, often with a bit of Burlesque thrown in for good measure!

Capt’n Tor is renowned and credited for the creation of his Pirate Invasion kind of Performance, where the troupe take over unsuspecting venues and regale them with bawdy song, racy toasts, and all manner of rollickin’ debaucheries designed to give the clientele an unforgettable experience that has them feel fer a moment that the life of a pirate is fer them!

Rambunctiousness and Rumbustification, Naughtiness and Nudity, and Plundering and Perfectly-Placed Pasties often appear at a Capt’n Tor Event!

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CBC Music Page:!/artists/Captn-Tor-The-Naer-Do-Well-Cads-Pirate-Invasion

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

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