Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs

Springfield, MO

Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogs based out of Springfield Mo. And have been performing their unique Folk/Rock sound since 2008. The Dogs feature tight harmonies accompanied by numerous string instruments and drums and whistles. This exciting group performs a diverse repertoire comprised of both original music and traditional songs of the sea. The Sea Dogs come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and influences, including Celtic, Rock,Bluegrass, Native American, Choral groups, and musical theater. Their first album debut in Oct. of 2008 after only being together for three months, their second album was more on the serious side and was titled “Tales Of The Black Dog” recorded in 2010 at Dragonslanding Studios. Their third album “Shore Leave” is a Live, Adult bawdy album recorded at Panama Studios. The first two albums can be purchased at Borders,Target,K-Mart, Barnes & Nobles, and CDBaby. Where as the third is only available Directly from the Label and artist themselves.

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

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