Episode Set Lists

Wondering what that song was called, who sang it and on what album? This be the place for that information!

Episode 1: Premier Episode

Episode 2: Piratical Boogaloo

Episode 3: Search for Rum

Episode 4: Pirates on Patrol

Episode 5: The Rum Frontier

Episode 6: Vane Lives

Episode 7: Huzzah for the Foxtrot

Episode 8: Long Live the Knife Fighters

Episode 9: The Man With The Golden Rum

Episode 10 v.3: Rum Love Redux

Episode 11: Unrealized Rum

Episode 12: The Deadly Rum

Episode 13: LIVE from The Den

Episode 14: Balance of Booze

Episode 15: Shore Leave

Episode 16: The Old Rum and the New

Episode 17: The Born-Pirate Identity

Episode 18: BACK to The Den

Episode 19: A Private Little Rum

Episode 20: Dead Man’s Rum

Episode 21: Rum Amok Time

Episode 22: There Will Be VapoRub and Drugs

Episode 23: Thanks For Rum, Wenches and Gold

Episode 24: Yonder Breaks A New and Glorious Rum

Episode 25: The Devil In The Dark Water

Episode 26: 2015 Last Wednesday Show

Episode 27: Mistletoe On The Mizzenmast

Episode 28: At The End Of All The Tracks And Trails

Episode 29: Elementary, Dear Colada

Episode 30: Ascension Reality

Episode 31: Our Town, Your Town

Episode 32: Go Fish

Episode 33: Bottoms Up

Episode 34: Museum Amore

Episode 35: Cutts Ya Deep

Episode 36: Something Wonderful & Strange

Episode 37: Red Rum At Night

Episode 38: Battered Suitcases

Episode 39: Erin go bragh

Episode 40: That Proves You Are Unusual

Episode 41: For Those About To Rock

Episode 42: Trust A Pirate

Episode 43: Chaos, That’s What We Create

Episode 44: Smoke On The Water

Episode 45: The Dawn Of Hope

Episode 46: Parthenogenesis

Episode 47: The Dunes Of The Cape

Episode 48: The Ayes Are Shining

Episode 49: Thanks For All The Fish

Episode 50: Pirates V Malestroms

Episode 51: By Any Other Name

Episode 52: Calm Before The Storm

Episode 53: First Anniversary Show

Episode 54: A New Day In The Old Town

Episode 55: A Warm Summer Breeze

Episode 56: Tales Long Forgotten

Episode 57: Captain’s Log

Episode 58: Paradise Syndrome

Episode 59: To Absent Friends

Episode 60: Air Raid Freshmen

Episode 61: Moon Dance

Episode 62: Toes In The Sand

Episode 63: Candy Is Dandy

Episode 64: Three Headed Monkey

Episode 65: A Sail Ain’t A Low Price ta Pay

Episode 66: When Sea Dogs Remember

Episode 67: Villainy Wears Many Masks

Episode 68: The Autumn Wind

Episode 69: Trouble Is Afoot

Episode 70: Jobu’s Rum

Episode 71: Always Check Your Candy

Episode 72: The Juniper And Water

Episode 73: A Question of How and Why

Episode 74: Where The Pirate Things Are

Episode 75: Post Faire Blues

Episode 76: Tales Of Yesteryear

Episode 77: It Is Happening Again

Episode 78: A Holiday Extravaganza

Episode 79: Hey 2016, I’ll See You In Hell

Episode 80: Live, Thrive and Survive

Episode 81: A Brigada Pirata Visitation

Episode 82: The Center Cannot Hold

Episode 83: Free The New World

Episode 84: Port Sur

Episode 85: Calm Winds & Smooth Seas

Episode 86: A Love Other Than Rum

Episode 87: A Small Step Forward

Episode 88: Good, Bad, I’m The Guy With The Rum

Episode 89: LIVE from Sherwood

Episode 90: Live Forever In Wonder

Episode 91: Slainte Mhath

Episode 92: Wearing A Bit Thin

Episode 93: Life Of The Party

Episode 94: Freedom In The Dark

Episode 95: Malcontent and Maddened

Episode 96: Good Form Old Man

Episode 97: The Letter Of The Day

Episode 98: May Flowers For The Dead

Episode 99: Problems Of The Drama Llama

Episode 100: Block Party

Episode 101: So Nice Sing It Thrice

Episode 102: These Go To 11

Episode 103: Never Say Die

Episode 104: 2nd Anniversary NorCal Party

Episode 105: Afternoon Tea

Episode 106: Summer Storm

Episode 107: This Is The Water

Episode 108: This Is The Well

Episode 109: Drink Full & Descend

Episode 110: Fire On The Horizon

Episode 111: New Tides

Episode 112: KMAWU

Episode 113: All Roads Lead To Rum

Episode 114: PDX Bound & Down

Episode 115: The Late Late Later Show (due to nature of show no set list is posted)

Episode 116: Lava Monster Mayhem

Episode 117: Too Drunk To Forget

Episode 118: Sing Like A Pirate

Episode 119: Drink Strong Rum & Porter

Episode 120: Live From TRF

Episode 121: Working On A Mystery

Episode 122: Texas Fleet Week

Episode 123: Simply The ABCs

Episode 124: No Mere Mortal Can Resist

Episode 125: Bring Us Fortune and Fame

Episode 126: A Gambler, A Lover

Episode 127: The Tower of Madness

Episode 128: Family Don’t Mean Blood

Episode 129: A Voyage of Discovery

Episode 130: Not to Give, But to Take

Episode 131: Can Always Change Tomorrow

Episode 132: Know Me Better Man

Episode 133: Ring In The True

Episode 134: The Truth Is Out There

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

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