Episode 16: The Old Rum and the New Set List

Written by on October 13, 2015

Here is the set list for episode 16: The Old Rum and the New that aired on October 7, 2015.

  1. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome to Tortuga on Song and Curses
  2. The Jolly Rogers: I Wanna Be on Marks the Spot
  3. Pride of Bedlam: South Australia on Under the Black
  4. Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew: Yo Ho Ho on Rhimes of the Hip Hop Mariner
  5. The Crimson Pirates: Morning Glory on To the Lifeboats
  6. The Bilge Pumps: All For Me Grog on Greatest Hits Vol. VIII
  7. Tom Mason: In the Drink on The Blue Buccaner
  8. The Pirates Charles: Gun on Conquer
  9. Sunken Chest: Monkey Knife Fight on Sunken Chest
  10. The Dreadnoughts: A Rambler’s Life on Legends Never Die
  11. Mister Mac: Blood and Gold on Songs Of The Scallywag
  12. Pride of Bedlam: Billy Bones on Hanging With Bedlam
  13. Skip Henderson: Blood and Gold Makes Roses Gold on The Poet & Pirate Overtures
  14. Storm Weather Shanty Choir: Santy Ano on Off to Sea Once More
  15. The Jolly Rogers: Roll Me Hearties on Pirates’ Gold
  16. Bounding Main: Leave Her Johnny on Maiden Voyage
  17. The Bilge Pumps: The Dark Lady on Brigands with Big’uns
  18. Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogges: Widow’s Haul on Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges
  19. Musical Blades: Pirate Heaven on Pieces of Eight
  20. Motley Tones: He That Drinks Is Immortal on By Land and By Sea
  21. Iris & Rose: Drunken Sailor on Two In The Bush
  22. The Cannibal Tudors: Gay Pirates on The Severed Bootleg
  23. Pride of Bedlam: Tom O’ Bedlam on Boarding Party
  24. The Seadogs: Blow the Man Down on The Seadogs Present the Paddy West School of Seamanship
  25. B.O.N.E.S.: Bully in the Alley on 10 Pieces of Eight
  26. Capt. Bones and the Salty Seamen: Pirate Song
  27. Jim Hancock and the Burly Pirates: The Pirate Song on Blood On the Boards
  28. The Jolly Rogers: Brotherhood of the Coast on X Marks the Spot
  29. Skip Henderson: Return of Billy Bones on The Poet & Pirate Overtures
  30. Musical Blades: Rowdy Soul on Up the Ante
  31. Pierce Campbell: The Ration of Rum on Songs of the Drink, Songs of the Sea
  32. RustMonster: Blood and Bone on The Flight of the Filthy Vicar
  33. The Pirate Flags: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum on Songs of the Seas
  34. The Pirates Charles: Talderoy on Conquer
  35. Pride of Bedlam: Heave Away on Boarding Party

Episode 130: Not to Give, But to Take

Episode 130: Not to Give, But to Take

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