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Written by on October 19, 2015

When Michael Sheridan entered into the chat room a few weeks ago it was a godsend. I knew of grenados, a few of our listeners have some, and I had been wanting them for some time. As he joined us and we discovered it was he and his now new wife Sarah who ran the company who made them I’m not sure if I’ve ever made a quicker purchase in my pirate life. I don’t remember if it was during the show or immediately after but I went on to their Etsy page and purchased myself a pair of grenados and a new necklace.


Let’s talk about the grenados themselves. As I hope you can tell in this picture no two are alike. They each have their own coloring, giving them a realistic feel if you will. Looking at them you would be surprised by how much rum they can carry. Each bottle is 8oz and maybe have a bad eye for size, but I would have guessed 6. The rope around the necks have a frayed and weathered look to them as well which goes with the paint job.


The corks however may be my favorite aspect of these. The burnt ends is a fantastic touch and I believe just adds to the overall feel of these. A lesser craftsman would have painted these black, put new rope around the neck and called it a day. These are quality pieces at a very reasonable price ($25 each). Added bonus, be it either the bottle chosen or the paint, they are remarkably sturdy. When I began the day they were on the same mug strap and clanking together. No cracks, no spillage, worked like a charm. I and my fellow pirates enjoyed them so much I never moved to my flasks.


Since I took this picture with my phone you can’t quite get the detail in this necklace, but you can get the size next to the grenados. This glass bottle necklace with treasure map I think is a delight. On the etsy page you can see a closer image but suffice to say it contains a detailed treasure map, sand and some shells. All of that in a tiny little bottle. Added bonus, proving once again Castaway goes the extra mile, there is a small key attached to the necklace presumably for the treasure chest that coincides with the map. Is it the biggest, most obvious piece of pirate gear, of course not. But I always enjoy the little things people can add to their outfits and this definitely hits a home run in that aspect.

Overall my experience with Castaway Trading Co. was an absolute delight. The little details and thought that go into their product makes their merchandise a head above the rest. They were quick with delivery and in constant communication, even when they were juggling their business and preparing to get married that week. Highly professional and talented craftsmen, I can’t recommend them enough.

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

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