Episode 39: Erin go bragh Set List

Written by on March 22, 2016

This is the set list for Episode 39: Erin go bragh which originally aired March 16, 2016.

  1. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome To Tortuga; Songs and Curses
  2. Below The Gaff: Return to Ireland; Songs of Warship
  3. The Bilge Pumps: Black & Tans; Greatest Hits Vol. VIII
  4. The Barley Boys: Follow Me Up to Carlow; The Days of Abundance
  5. There Be Pirates!: Star of the County Down; Pirates in the Desert
  6. The Merry Wives of Windsor: Wind That Shakes the Barley; Drinkers’ Anthem
  7. The Pyrates Royale: Carrickfergus; Hello Sailor
  8. Five Pint Mary: Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya; Carry A Song
  9. The Jolly Rogers: Donegal Danny; Loose Cannons
  10. Cheeks & Phoenix: Brennan on the Moor; Storied Time
  11. Belles Of Bedlam: The Orange and the Green; Folked Up!
  12. The Crimson Pirates: I’ll Tell My Ma; Come ‘n Be a Pirate
  13. Motley Tones: Molly Malone; By Land and By Sea
  14. The Merry Wives of Windsor: I’m a Rover; Buy Yourself Another
  15. Pierce Campbell: The Irish Rover; Songs of the Drink, Songs of the Sea
  16. Pride Of Bedlam: Wild Rover; Refit
  17. Below The Gaff: Galway Girl; Still Lost at Sea
  18. Marooned: Black Velvet Band; Lost at Sea
  19. Cheeks & Phoenix: Finnegan’s Wake; Storied Time
  20. Musical Blades: Rocky Road To Dublin; Treasures Of Old
  21. Potcheen: Swallowtail Jig; Steel Blue Sea
  22. The Pirates Charles: Raise the Whiskey High; Conquer
  23. The Whiskey Bards: Women, Whiskey & War; Women, Whiskey & War
  24. The Barley Boys: Whiskey for Breakfast; It’s a Long Drive From Ireland
  25. The Crimson Pirates: God Hates a Whiskey Waster; Jack of All Trades
  26. Five Pint Mary: The Pirate Grace O’Malley; Carry A Song
  27. The Galley Rats: Whiskey and Saltwater; The Galley Rats
  28. The Pyrates Royale: We’re Here To Drink The Whiskey; Blackjack
  29. The Bilge Pumps: Nancy Whiskey; The Idiodyssey
  30. Musical Blades: Whiskey in the Jar; Pieces of Eight
  31. Potcheen: Me Father was a Sailor; Steel Blue Sea
  32. O’Craven: Whiskey; Whiskey, Wenches and Scallywags
  33. East Town Pirates: Mr McGuiness; East Town Pirates
  34. The Dreadnoughts: Grace O’Malley; Victory Square
  35. The Cannibal Tudors: Drinkin’ & Fightin’; Songs In The Key Of Sea
  36. The Dread Crew Of Oddwood: Hear Our Cry; Rocktopus
  37. The Pirates Charles: Go Fuck the Queen; Conquer
  38. Iris & Rose: Roll Me Over In The Clover; Two In The Bush
  39. Sunken Chest: Monkey Knife Fight; Sunken Chest
  40. The Pirates Charles: Talderoy; Conquer
  41. Skip Henderson: Billy Bones; Billy Bones and Other Ditties
  42. Salty Dick: Eff Them All; Salty Dick’s Uncensored Sailor Songs
  43. The Poxy Boggards: Katie “All-the-Night” McKnight; Bitter and Stout
  44. The Dread Crew of Oddwood: Land Iio; Rocktopus
  45. The Whiskey Bards: Another Irish Drinking Song; Bottom’s Up

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Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

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