Episode 82: The Center Cannot Hold Set List

Written by on January 24, 2017

Here is the set list for Episode 82: The Center Cannot Hold that originally aired on January 18, 2017 and can be listened to here.

  1. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome To Tortuga; Songs and Curses
  2. The Pyrates Royale: Three Sea Captains; BlackJack
  3. The Galley Rats: The Road Ahead; The Galley Rats
  4. Cheeks & Phoenix: The Black Ship; Storied Time
  5. Captain Bogg & Salty: Recruitin’ the Crew; Bedtime Stories for Pirates
  6. The Crimson Pirates: Pirate Alphabet; Come ‘n Be a Pirate
  7. Dan Zanes & Festival Five Folk: Blow Ye Winds in the Morning; Sea Music
  8. Bounding Main: Blow Boys Blow; Going Overboard
  9. Celtic Mayhem: Bedlam Boys; Celtic Mayhem
  10. les Murènes: Le Capitaine de Saint-Malo; Aujourd’hui vivants, demain morts
  11. The Merry Wives of Windsor: Off to Wed a Sailor; Drinkers’ Anthem
  12. Willoughby Caught: The Captain’s Corset; Nautical Naughties
  13. Iris & Rose: The Captain’s Wife’s Lament; Knees Up!
  14. Musical Blades: Brave and Mighty Captain; Up the Ante
  15. Captain Bogg & Salty: Who’s At Captain’s Table?; Emphatical Piratical
  16. Motley Tones: Captains; Motley Tones (Somewhat) [Live]
  17. Mister Mac: The Pirate Crew; Songs Of The Scallywag
  18. Capt. Bones and the Salty Seam: Pirate Song
  19. The Jolly Rogers: All Hands On Deck; Beg, Borrow and Steal
  20. Pirates For Sail: Strike the Bell;  Band On the Rum
  21. Pride Of Bedlam: South Australia; Under the Black
  22. Brigada Pirata: Dead ahead we all go; Black Sam The Prince of Pirates
  23. The Bilge Pumps: The Ballad of Captain Kidd; The Idiodyssey
  24. The Pyrates Royale: Captain Brimstone; BlackJack
  25. Musical Blades: Captain Curse; Full Frontal Piracy
  26. Rum Rebellion: Bligh; Another Round
  27. Pat Razket: Captain Ben; Legends & Tales
  28. The Cannibal Tudors: Fie to the Kingsmen; The Severed Bootleg
  29. The Dread Crew Of Oddwood: Oddwood Saves America; Heavy Mahogany
  30. East Town Pirates: The Curse of Captain Blood; Seven Seas of Sin
  31. Alestorm: No Quarter; Black Sails At Midnight
  32. The Pirates Charles: The Captain’s Bedside Repentance; 2nd Edition Subsection B New Steez the Second, Volume Two
  33. Barbar’O’Rhum: La véritable histoire du Capitaine Crochet; Toutes les routes mènent au rhum
  34. Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew: Mutiny (Radio Edit); Divide the Plunder- the Best of Pirate Rap
  35. Willoughby Caught: The Captain’s Farewell; My Inner Pirate
  36. Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs: Little Pirate; Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges
  37. Ye Banished Privateers: Ship Is Sinking; The Legend of Libertalia
  38. Pride Of Bedlam: Heave Away; Boarding Party

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

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