Episode 92: Wearing A Bit Thin Set List

Written by on March 28, 2017

This is the set list for Episode 92: Wearing A Bit Thin that originally aired on March 20, 2017 and can be heard here.

  1. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome To Tortuga; Songs and Curses
  2. Skip Henderson: Billy Bones; Billy Bones and Other Ditties
  3. Motley Tones: Mist Covered Mountains; By Land and By Sea
  4. Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs: Little Pirate; Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges
  5. B.O.N.E.S.: Santianno; 10 Pieces of Eight
  6. Cheeks & Phoenix: The Diamond; Storied Time
  7. The Whiskey Bards: Great to be a Pirate; The Recruiter… Free Rum Ain’t Free
  8. Musical Blades: Salute the Skull and Crossbones; Pieces of Eight
  9. Bilgerats & Pyrettes: Calico Jack; Sea Fever
  10. Tom Mason And The Blue Buccaneers: Pirate Song (Well All Go Down With The Ship): Pirate Party
  11. Capt’n Tor & the Naer-Do-Well Cads Pirate Invasion: The Derelict (15 Men On a Deadman’s Chest); The Derelict (15 Men On a Deadman’s Chest)
  12. The Jolly Rogers: Piece By Piece; Pirates Evermore
  13. The Seadogs: Dark Lady; Everyone Loves Singing Pirates
  14. Captain Bogg & Salty: Purple Tiki; Emphatical Piratical
  15. Mister Mac: Blood And Gold; Songs Of The Scallywag
  16. The Cannibal Tudors: Stairway to Valhala; The Severed Bootleg
  17. Bounding Main: High Barbaree; Lost at Sea
  18. The Bilge Pumps: Ranzo Ray; The Idiodyssey
  19. The Pirate Flags: Get Up Jack; Songs of the Seas
  20. Libertalia: A Tortuga !; Ecumeurs de Rêves
  21. Storm Weather Shanty Choir: Boney; Live
  22. Pride Of Bedlam: Spanish Ladies; Refit
  23. Dan Zanes & Festival Five Folk: All for Me Grog; Sea Music
  24. Below The Gaff: Johnny Jump Up; Songs Of Warship
  25. The Crimson Pirates: Drink the Night Away; Jack of All Trades
  26. Willoughby Caught: There’s Nothing like Rum; My Inner Pirate
  27. The Pyrates Royale: Drink A Rum; LYVE Behind Bars
  28. Ye Banished Privateers: Bottle of Rum; Songs and Curses
  29. Stormfrun: Drink Up Your Rum; Pirate For The Rum
  30. O’Craven: Pint Glass; Whiskey, Wenches And Scallywags
  31. The Dread Crew Of Oddwood: Bottoms Up; Reign The Helm
  32. RustMonster: Devil’s Children; Last Voyage of the Black Betty
  33. Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew: Rap Like a Pirate (Grogfest Mix); Divide the Plunder- the Best of Pirate Rap
  34. Sunken Chest: Monkey Knife Fight; Sunken Chest
  35. Brigada Pirata: Hoist tha black flag; Black Sam The Prince of Pirates
  36. The Dreadnoughts: Mary the One Eyed Prostitute Who Fought the Colossal Squid and…; Legends Never Die
  37. Alestorm: Keelhauled; Black Sails At Midnight
  38. Pat Razket: Stormy seas; Legends & Tales
  39. Scott Jeffers Traveler: Dead Men of the Deep; Mutiny
  40. The Pirates Charles: Talderoy; Conquer
  42. The Pirates Charles: The Black Spot (Featuring Durr!); 2nd Edition Subsection B New Steez the Second, Volume Two
  43. The Dread Crew Of Oddwood: When I Sail’d;  Heavy Mahogany
  44. Master Bones Jangle and The Voodoo Island Cannibals: Health to the Company; Lots O’ Booty
  45. Five Pint Mary: The Parting Glass; Carry A Song
  46. Pirates For Sail: Boatman; Dark Side of the Lagoon
  47. Musical Blades: No Time Like Today; Modern Day Pirate
  48. Pride Of Bedlam: South Australia; Under The Black
  49. The Pyrates Royale: Sod Off I’m Drunk; Keep Calm and Seek Revenge
  50. Pride of Bedlam: Heave Away; Boarding Party

Episode 130: Not to Give, But to Take

Episode 130: Not to Give, But to Take

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