Episode 107: This Is The Water Set List

Written by on July 11, 2017

This is the set list for Episode 107: This Is The Water which originally aired on July 5, 2017 and can be listened to here.

  1. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome To Tortuga; Songs and Curses
  2. Ye Banished Privateers: First Night Back In Port; First Night Back In Port
  3. Libertalia: Naufrage; Ecumeurs de RĂªves
  4. Storm Weather Shanty Choir: Oleanna; A Drop of Nelson`s Blood
  5. There Be Pirates!: Swingin’ from the Yardarm; Pirates in the Desert
  6. RustMonster: Billy Barlow; The Flight of the Filthy Vicar
  7. Tom Mason And The Blue Buccaneers: Pirate Polka; Pirate Party
  8. The Seadogs: High Barbary; Everyone Loves Singing Pirates
  9. Pride of Bedlam: Strike the Bell; Boarding Party
  10. Bilgerats & Pyrettes: Randy Dandy Oh; Sea Fever
  11. Motley Tones: Beware the Devilmen; Motley Tones (Somewhat) [Live]
  12. QuarterMaster: The Dance Of Death; QuarterMaster
  13. Dan Zanes & Festival Five Folk: Blow Ye Winds in the Morning; Sea Music
  14. The Crimson Pirates: Jack Hinks; That’s So Sad …
  15. Bounding Main: Bully in the Alley; Lost at Sea
  16. The Bilge Pumps: Haul Away Joe; Greatest Hits Vol. VIII
  17. The Pyrates Royale: Bold Reilly; LYVE Behind Bars
  18. Pierce Campbell: Genevieve; Songs of the Sea
  19. Musical Blades: Dublin Crow; Raise The Black
  20. Master Bones Jangle and The Voodoo Island Cannibals: Sawney Beane; Lots O’ Booty
  21. Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs: Spell; Tales of the Black Dog
  22. Willoughby Caught: The Fray; Nautical Naughties
  23. The Cannibal Tudors: Pass The Bottle Of Rum; Wet Kitten Day 2nd master
  24. Pirates For Sail: Tyme Flyes When You’re Havin’ Rum; A Shot Across the Bow
  25. The Jolly Rogers: One for the Crew; Score
  26. Rum Rebellion: Drunkard’s Waltz; Another Round
  27. Five Pint Mary: Tell Me Ma; Five Pint Mary
  28. Potcheen: Missed the Booty; Take No Prisoners
  29. Pirate Jenny: Scabby & Captain Slaymore; Once Upon a Wave
  30. Stormfrun: No Quarter; Pirate For The Rum
  31. Alestorm: Treasure Island; No Grave but the Sea (Deluxe Edition)
  32. Pat Razket: Stormy seas; Legends & Tales
  33. Captain Bogg & Salty: Dead Men Tell No Tales; Prelude to Mutiny
  34. O’Craven: War March; Whiskey, Wenches & Scallywags
  35. Ye Banished Privateers: A Declaration of Independence; First Night Back In Port
  36. The Dread Crew Of Oddwood: Oddwood Saves America; Heavy Mahogany
  37. The Pirates Charles: Go Fuck the Queen; Conquer
  38. Pride of Bedlam: Heave Away; Boarding Party

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Episode 135: Milargo Pirata

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