Episode 11: New Tides Set List

Written by on August 8, 2017

This is the set list for Episode 11: New Tides which originally aired on August 2, 2017 and can be listened to here.

  1. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome To Tortuga; Songs and Curses
  2. Pirates for Sail: The Rising of the Moon; Crabby Road
  3. The Belles Of Bedlam: Ready for the Storm; Folked Up!
  4. Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs: The Sea; Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges
  5. Capt’n Tor & the Naer-Do-Well Cads Pirate Invasion: Wucca McToo; Tavern Wenches
  6. And The Traveler: The Victorious; Symphonia
  7. Golden Bough: Shifty Morgan; Pirates Gold
  8. Captain Bogg & Salty: I’m a Singin’ Pirate; Bedtime Stories for Pirates
  9. Bounding Main: Pass the Mug; Going Overboard
  10. Potcheen: Me Father was a Sailor; Steel BLue Sea
  11. Musical Blades: Fire Maringo; Treasures Of Old
  12. B.O.N.E.S.: Rolling Down to Old Maui; 10 Pieces of Eight
  13. Motley Tones: Bonnie Ship the Diamond; By Land and By Sea
  14. The Bilge Pumps: Eliza Lee; Greatest Hits Vol. VIII
  15. Marooned: Henry My Son; Lost at Sea
  16. The Crimson Pirates: Henry Martin; Putrid and Disgusting
  17. Bilgerats & Pyrettes: Down Among The Dead; Men Prepare To Be Boarded
  18. The Mad Maggies: Dead Men Don’t Need Gold; Shake Those Bones
  19. Pierce Campbell: The Ration of Rum; Songs of the Drink, Songs of the Sea
  20. Pride Of Bedlam: Blow Boys Blow; Under The Black
  21. The Pirate Flags: Blow the Man Down; Songs of the Seas
  22. Ye Banished Privateers: A Night at the Schwarzer Kater; First Night Back In Port
  23. Pat Razket: A Pirate’s Curse; Legends & Tales
  24. Rum Rebellion: Bligh; Another Round
  25. The Pirates Charles: Talderoy; Conquer
  26. The Dreadnoughts: The Cruel Wars; Uncle Touchy Goes to College
  27. The Dread Crew of Oddwood: Storm Riders; Lawful Evil
  28. Alestorm: Wolves of the Sea; Black Sails At Midnight
  29. Capt’n Tor & the Naer-Do-Well Cads Pirate Invasion: Leave Her Capt’n Leave Her; Tavern Wenches
  30. Willoughby Caught: Jamboree; My Inner Pirate
  31. The Jolly Rogers: Farewell Nancy; Beg, Borrow and Steal
  32. The Pyrates Royale: Maid On The Shore; Hello Sailor
  33. The Seadogs: Paddy West; The Seadogs Present the Paddy West School of Seamanship
  34. Storm Weather Shanty Choir: Santy Ano; Off to Sea Once More
  35. Pirates for Sail: The Parting Glass; Crabby Road
  36. Cheeks & Phoenix: Ride On; Coddiwomple
  37. Tom Mason: Sail Away; The Blue Buccaneer
  38. Pride of Bedlam: Heave Away; Boarding Party
  39. Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs: Tierra Del Fuego; Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges
  40. The Pirates Charles: Raise the Whiskey High; Conquer
  41. Pride Of Bedlam: Spanish Ladies; Refit
  42. Ye Banished Privateers: Mermaid’s Kiss; First Night Back In Port

Episode 139: Ye Band of Brothers

Episode 139: Ye Band of Brothers

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