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Like many pirates my first experience of The Pirates Charles was through Bilge Munky Radio. Maybe more than any other band that was played on that show they caught my immediate attention. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at the Northern California Pirate Festival during my first trip there and they are one […]

When Michael Sheridan entered into the chat room a few weeks ago it was a godsend. I knew of grenados, a few of our listeners have some, and I had been wanting them for some time. As he joined us and we discovered it was he and his now new wife Sarah who ran the […]

This last week, after Castaway Trading Co.‘s co-owner visited the show I got into a Etsy kick because I needed their grenados (review coming later this weekend). From there that lead me to ordering some other items as well in preparation for this season of the Texas Renaissance Festival. The first order that arrived was […]

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

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