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Seems like the best time to do this. Wait, no I need a float. Fixed.   The last few years have been, interesting. When I got a college degree I was essentially named top student for my major. But my years and lack of connections did not allow me any opportunities in my immediate area. […]

Here is the set list for Episode 4 on July 15, 2015. Ye Banished Privateers: Welcome to Tortuga on Songs and Curses Storm Weather Shanty Choir: Hieland Laddie on Way Hey (And Away We’ll Go) Bilgerats & Pyrettes (as The BOOM): It’s Another Day on Prepare To Be Boarded Pride of Bedlam: Johnny Jump Up […]

Here is the set list for Episode 3 on July 8, 2015   The Pirates Charles: Gun on Conquer O’Craven: Devil’s Drink on Whiskey, Wenches and Scallywags Five Pint Mary: Gang to Me Boys on Five Pint Mary Musical Blades: Salute the Skull and Crossbones on Pieces of Eight B.O.N.E.S.: Running Down To Cuba on […]

Margot Productions is one the of the most involved crews you can find. They have not one, not two, not three but at least four different pirate related businesses in operation. The owners/managers are Margot la Mechante de Marseilles and Luc the Lucky who are both Lords in the Order of Leviathan. That alone gets […]

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

Episode 136: The Hottest Blood of All

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