Crimson Pirates

New York

Our original group, The Crimson Pirates, performed the fight/stunt show, Buccaneer’s Brawl at the New York Renaissance Faire in 1996 and comprised members Robin Flanagan, Don Kilcoyne, Karen O’Hara, Dan O’Driscoll and Lionel Ruland. The stage show also included Angela Bonacasa, Joseph Kentner and Suzanne O’Hare… Fighting over possession of a treasure map at the ‘Bucket O’Blood Inn’ and flying through the air “with the greatest of ease” on a ‘slide-for-life’ – our multi-talented crew of singers/musicians also performed song sets for patrons throughout the faire.
Since that initial production at NYRF, we have gone through a number of crew changes – retaining several of our original band members. In 2017, we merged with longtime Crimson Pirate member Chris Leidenfrost’s band, The Roving Blades, and consolidated our repertoire. We will continue to present ourselves as the Crimson Pirates for pirate festivals/renaissance faires and as the Roving Blades for pub gigs and Celtic/Irish festivals.

Episode 140: Everybody Knows

Episode 140: Everybody Knows

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